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Marble is a rock that forms through the crystallisation of other sedimentary rocks, chiefly limestone. The commonly recognised veins and swirls which you find in marble are caused by impurities that existed in the original rock before the crystallisation process occurred. Sometimes marble has a slightly green colour, caused by high levels of magnesium in the rocks from which it is formed.

However, white marble has been the material of choice for sculptors since at least as early as the Greek Empire.  This is partly because it is relatively soft and can be carved easily, but also because its unique texture allows light to penetrate the surface of the stone, giving a waxy look that seems to imitate the appearance of living bodies.  Its prevalence in the art of the Greeks and the Romans means that it is forever identified as a symbol of taste, tradition, sophistication and elegance. Just think how often you come across examples of marble being imitated in the absence of the real thing: floor coverings, wallpaper, man-made kitchen worktops, even computer displays. And think, too, of the famous marble monuments, like London's Marble Arch, Paris's Arc de Triomphe, Rome's Colosseum and those famously disputed Greek statues from the Parthenon, the Elgin Marbles.

Unlike limestone, the rock which is often is chief constituent, marble can achieve a highly polished finish and this, combined with its swirls and clouds of colour, makes it an extremely impressive option for certain parts of your home. It can add true grandeur to your bathroom, or to fireplaces, or simply as decorative cladding.

While we would tend to advise against using marble for kitchen worktops - simply because it is quite porous and could be compromised by the constant exposure to liquids, oils and acids which is inevitable in any kitchen - there's no reason not to consider marble flooring. With the high sheen and mesmerising colouration of marble you can achieve simply stunning effects that will lift any kitchen into another league.

Why not pay a visit to our showroom to make a personal inspection of the wonderful range of marble we offer?  Or you can call in on any one of the many retail partners we have around the country and look at the samples they carry. Marble is a classically established expression of style and class. Why not treat yourself? 

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crema valencia
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