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There's nothing quite like granite. As a feature of your home it adds real style, elegance and beauty. But you may not be aware of how your granite worktop reflects the uses which humanity has found for granite throughout the ages.

Granite is an igneous rock which is formed from magma - that is, cooled, solidified lava.  This extraordinary substance is one of the building blocks of our world, forming most of its continental crust and so far it has not been detected on any other planet.

Here it has been put to use as long ago as the 26th Century BC in the building of the Egyptian pyramids, but it had many other more modest uses such as lintels, doorjambs, columns and wall and floor coverings. In India, too ,some centuries later, it was one of the essential building materials in Hindu temples.

Closer to home, Aberdeen is nicknamed ‘The Granite City' because most of its structures are built from granite.  It is a very popular, durable substance for sculptors and builders of monuments and it has even been used for unlikely purposes such as the construction of tram rails.  

So this ubiquitous substance has a long history intertwined with the development of the human race and civilisation itself. On a small scale – but a scale that lends true sophistication to your home - you can add your part to that history. If you want your kitchen or your bathroom to make a statement about the kind of home you love, the kind of aspirations you have and the kind of person you are, then invite granite into your home to make that statement for you.

Of course, granite is highly versatile, so think beyond granite worktops and even granite handles - think of granite floor tiles indoors and granite paving in your garden. There are all kinds of possibilities to enhance the look and feel of your home. With our years of experience we're very well qualified to give you all the advice, suggestions and guidance you could need.  We find working with granite a genuine pleasure and it's our job to share that pleasure with you.

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african red
angolan black
angolan blue
angolan gold

angolan silver
antique brown
azul aran
azul bahia

azul platino
balmoral red
baltic brown
baltic green

bethel white
bianco sardo
black galaxy
black pearl

blue eyes
blue pearl
blue star

coffee brown
emerald green
emerald pearl
giallo veneziano

iron red
juperana turrone
kashmire gold
kashmire white

kinawa classico
nero assoluto
nero impala
nero marinace

new venetian gold
rosa porrinho
sapphire brown
stargate granite

verde marinace
verdi fontaine


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